Enjoy Your Wedding Day Before it Happens

There is so much focus on wedding photos because we all know, once its said and done all we have of our wedding day are the memories. But here’s the thing- you don’t need to wait until it’s over to start remembering. You can actually ‘premember’ it.

Premembering is simply remembering ahead of time. Think of it like visualization. Athletes do it all the time. It is such a great way to think through how you want the day to go, and more importantly how you want it to feel. So many brides get all wrapped up in the expectations which makes sense after all of the time, money, energy, and effort put into a wedding day. But if you don’t take the time to start mentally preparing for what it will feel like to experience the day, it can pass you by. You can’t know ahead of time what your favorite part will be, but you can pave the way to experience all of it. You can get your mind clear, you can set the intention for how you want the day to go, and more importantly how you want it to feel.

When you are doing this exercise, don’t get hung up on the fact that you don’t know how it will go, this is about your ideal version. How you want it to go- what’s the best movie you can direct and star in.  Picture the venue you have chosen, the guests you have invited, the flowers you have selected, the colors you decided on. Bring all those details into the visualization.

Get in a relaxed position, totally physically comfortable, maybe play some light music. And then close your eyes. And picture yourself waking up on your wedding day.
Where are you? (hotel, parents house, your apartment)
Who is there?  (are you with friends, family, alone)
What’s the first thing you do? (look at your phone, take a deep breath, open the curtains to check the weather)
Then what happens (do brush your teeth, meet someone for breakfast, exercise)
Then what happens (who do you interact with, when does your timeline for getting ready begin)
Think through each person you will see (check in with yourself and your energy- hopefully each family member, vendor, bridesmaid lifts your energy, gets you more excited and also calmer).

Picture the whole getting ready situation. (what do you feel when you look at yourself in the mirror etc)

Then think through the journey to your ceremony venue (who is with you, how are you feeling, is your family member doing the thing you knew they would but wished they wouldn’t- how are you going to think about it).

Then think through seeing your fiancé for the first time whether at your first look or at the end of the aisle).

Picture yourself reciting your vows, exchanging rings (are you emotional? or jittery? or giggly? )

Then move onto your reception (how does it feel to be announced and walk in, what faces do you see? What’s the room look like and feel like?)

Picture yourself loving all the plans you made.

And keep walking through the day until you are back in bed. 

This is such a fun way to start practicing how you want to feel. It also primes the brain to really notice and take in and enjoy the day when it happens because it has ‘been there before.’ Try it and let me know how it goes!

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