+ How do you handle the emotional swings from excitement to overwhelm
   to anxiety? What's normal and what's not? 

+ How do you handle all the opinions and advice you never asked for?

+ What's up with the new fights you are having with your fianc√©? 

+ How to you make all.these.decisions?

+ The bridesmaid thing is getting.... complicated. 

+ How do you have a marriage like your parents had? How do you avoid doing that? 

+ What kind of ceremony should you have if you are spiritual but not religious? 

+ Who do you talk to about this stuff? 

Being a bride is very different than what they tell you. Have you been asking yourself.. 


The Bridal Prep Academy
is for you. 

Being a bride is sneaky tricky. 
And it's not just the pressure of making a life altering decision and throwing a fabulous bash. There are major changes happening to your identity and to ALL of your closest relationships. And that can be really hard to navigate. 

You need an objective perspective, professional expertise, and a supportive community of women to help you walk through this sacred right of passage feeling confident and peaceful.   

Get the 
wedding Prep that matters  

how to think & feel better

how to handle attention and pressure

learn how to have hard conversations 

Manage stress and anxiety

figure what you want and how to get it 

Prepping for your wedding is much bigger than botox. 
It's about upleveling your heart and mind. 

I will be available for live Q and A coaching sessions inside the group each week. This is an awesome time to get your issue handled. And watching someone else get coached is always crazy helpful too! 

office hours

Each week I will teach on topic that will help you shift how you think about things and give you practical tips you can use to decrease stress and increase the joy. 

weekly classes

Women always do it better together. Getting and giving support and love to other women navigating these same issues at the same moment in history. 

Bridal Community

how it works

what's included

After the academy, you will 

Join the Academy Now

Arrive to your wedding stress free, knowing how to manage your emotions no matter what. 

Be able to soak in all the love and magic that is coming toward you. Be really present for it. .  
Have no drama with your friends or family. 

Experience the radiance, elegance, and joy you always imagined you would during this time. 
Know exactly how to create the marriage you desire. 

Bridal Prep is simple. Everything happens in our private facebook group. 

i'm ready For Class 


one payment of


I know. It's insane. I am so passionate about helping as many brides as I can. And I know how much you are already investing in your wedding. I want this be SUPER affordable and BEYOND valuable. 

Admission Time! 

I thought I would be a no drama bride, but the truth is, there is always some drama and I am so thankful that Kara was able to guide me through the bumpy patches with ease!   _Cat 

Kara Maureen

Bridal Life Coach