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.Getting married is a big deal. And there is so much that no one tells you about. 

Don't worry. All the stress and drama is normal. But it also doesn't have to be torture. There is a way to do it better. I've got you.

I've been there. Planning a wedding for 300 people in three months with my Irish Catholic mother and Persian mother in law was about as tumultuous as it sounds 

i'm so glad you are here!

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You’re not just having a wedding, you’re navigating all the family drama, identity issues, emotional challenges and mental transformations that come with getting married. Which is why if there’s ever a time to get a life coach, it’s absolutely when you get engaged. Because preparing for the next chapter of your life is about more than just picking peonies and perfecting your seating plan. Together, let’s find the meaning in the madness and transform the stress and pressure of wedding planning into the foundation for your beautiful marriage..

xx - Kara

I met my husband on match.com on December 19th. He came to family's Christmas dinner later that week!  We were married the following December and had our first daughter the next December. 

Christmas is a busy time

I recently discovered that I was born on National Pink Day- June 23rd. Apparently it's a real thing. I suddenly feel very validated about my favorite color. 

National Pink Day

I am obsessed with thrift stores. I love estate jewelry, old artwork with chipped frames and silver- I can't stop buying old silver silver pieces. 

Vintage Lover

I am a huge sweets lover. I would take desert over a meal any day. I used to have a side hustle making petit fours. There is nothing better than a beautiful little tiny cake. 


The work I do with clients is based on masters dress work at UPenn, my life coaching certification with Martha Beck (Oprah's go to life coach), Tara Brach's mindfulness meditation teachings, John Gottman's relationship research.  

Secret Sauce

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Kara Maureen

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