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Hi, I'm Kara

And I am here to get you down the aisle with grace and poise feeling the joy and peace you dreamed you would feel.  Too many brides spend the day mired in anxiety, drained from family feuds, and stressed over misunderstandings. 

 While 'love is patient and love is kind,'  love is also complicated and disorienting. Nothing brings out this dark side like planning a wedding. As you have noticed by now, weddings  bring up a lot of things for a lot of people and brides get caught right in the middle of it all. 

 I am your guide to dissolving the drama. Together we will navigate the unexpected ickiness that you've experienced with your fiancé, your families, and your girlfriends so you can come through this chapter closer and stronger. 

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things with your people (mom,sister, girlfriends) have gotten tricky and confusing. 

you are feeling overwhelmed by how to honor your families and cultures and your own unique vibe as a couple. 



Being engaged has been far more stressful than you ever imagined.  

You're nervous about whether you and your partner know exactly how to build the marriage you want. 



All the things you didn't see coming...

Having wedding drama? 

As you've noticed by now, getting married is more complicated than just planning a wedding. There are lots of swirling opinions and emotions. And the very people you counted on to be there for you are causing you more stress. It is an intense and incredible time- the Bride Guide will help you navigate it all with grace and ease. 

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walking down the aisle is one of the biggest moments in your life. 

The Bride Guide:
How to Handle the Drama & 
Find Your Bridal Bliss

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