And have the marriage you've dreamed about.

handle the family drama & Wedding Stress 

hi, I'm Kara

I’m Kara and I help you love better.

 Because while 'love is patient and love is kind' but love is also complicated and disorienting. 

 I am your guide to decoding the drama that has popped up since you 'said yes' and put on that ring. Together we will navigate the unexpected overwhelm and anxiety that engagements stir up.   

And I am here to prepare you for life after the wedding day. I am obsessed with giving couples the very practical (evidence based) tips that will literally help you love better. 
Because I believe we should begin how we intend mean to go on, and at the end of the day, the way we loved will be only thing that matters.

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how it all started

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things with your people (mom,sister, girlfriends) have gotten tricky and confusing. 

you want to figure out how to stop fighting and have a happy and peaceful relationship.  



Being engaged has been far more stressful than you ever imagined.  

You're nervous about getting married and want to have a solid foundation. 



There is so much they never tell you...

Any of this sound familiar?

If you've looked forward to your wedding day for years or just started thinking about it when you got that ring, There are three things you really need to consider as you embark on this incredible and intense time! 

walking down the aisle is one of the biggest moments in your life. 

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 3 things every bride must know

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