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The Bridal Sessions   

The Bridal Sessions are MOnthly Gatherings for Brides to have the conversations no one else is having

Grab Your Seat

Women do better in community. It's always been true. So give yourself the luxury of connecting with other thoughtful brides to focus on what's going on. Why is wedding planning such a roller coaster? What's normal and what's not. Why are people close to me being so demanding? Or so distant? Why do I feel so sad during this really happy time? Where is all of the new anxiety coming from? Is it bad I don't care about my wedding? Is it weird that I am obsessed with it?  There are the conversations we are having. This is place to say the things you can't say anywhere else. 

 We meet monthly online. it's complimentary and you will always get useful, inspired information and your questions answered. 

Grab Your Seat

Understanding What's Under Wedding Drama 

How to Deal with difficult bridesmaids

What's going on with your mom (and his mom) 

How to make decisions with ease

How to have tough conversations

Planning a wedding is hard. And not in the ways we expect.

In The Bridal Sessions, you will get expert advice on how to handle the toughest challenges. You will feel the support and connection of other brides who are facing the exact things you are. 

Weddings bring up a lot of things for a lot of people. As the bride- you are at the center of the storm. Relationships with your closest girlfriends friends are shifting. Things with your mom are harder than usual. And your communication with your fianc√© is facing more challenges than ever.  

This is a space to learn, connect, get advice, insight and most importantly support in the unique way only women can provide. Can't wait to see you inside! 

Kara Maureen

Bridal Life Coach