Let's get you down the aisle
with peace and poise

(there is so much they didn't  tell you about) 

+ You have been more stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, and confused.

+ You've had more misunderstandings, conflict, and confusion with your fiancé. 

+ You are nervous about your in-laws and how juggle the demands of two families.

+ Your girlfriends haven't been as supportive or excited as you imagined they would be.

+ You've waited for this moment your whole life and yet you are feeling a bit disoriented depressed, or even disappointed by the whole wedding planning process.

+ You are struggling to please everyone involved- honor cultures and traditions, make sure both sides are happy, and still try to have the day you envisioned

Been feeling any of this since you got engaged? 


this is about investing in the only thing that really matters- your peace  & your people  

If there was ever a time to focus on your most important relationships - this is it ... 

It doesn't matter how diplomatic, pragmatic, or introspective you are- getting married is a a huge transition that will challenge you in ways you didn't anticipate. It can be emotionally draining and disorienting (even if you feel like you have waited for this moment forever). 

But it's such a sacred moment. Don't miss the opportunity to get the support that will help you strengthen the bonds with your closest people which will not only ensure you enjoy your wedding but thrive in your married life. 

Let's Get started

Know how to diffuse Family Drama 

start your marriage in a strong place with your fiancé 

enjoy this time with your best friends

reclaim your Peace and confidence 

this conversation can change everything ... 

The wedding industry works so hard to sell us all the things to make our weddings wonderful and memorable and special. But it forgets the most important key to unlocking all of the joy- our hearts and minds. If we don't know how to manage our racing thoughts and unpack our mixed emotions, then all the flowers and monograms and dresses, can never fix that part. 

The good news- a bridal session can. 

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Gift a Call to your favorite Bride 

Safe space to go deep   

Figure out what's really going on 

A plan to solve the problem

Renewed sense of calm and joy

1:1 Private Session

Bridal Sessions are the best gifts! She will never forget the person who gave her the peace, calm and confidence she so needed at this intense time. 

Just click here to pay and then the bride will receive a beautifully packaged gift certificate with the instructions for booking her session. (you can also opt to have the package sent to you to bring along to the shower or party) 

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how it works 

After our work together, you'll...

I'm in! Let's do it!

Know exactly how to handle the conflicting demands and pressures coming at you.

Communicate confidently in a way that gets your needs met and honors the important people in your life.  
Feel really confident about your foundation with your fiancé and your future together.
Experience the radiance, elegance, and joy you always imagined you would during this time. 
Feel closer to the people who matter most. 

Ready to get rid of the stress and back to bridal bliss? 

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let's figure this out. 

Getting married is a huge change and our culture doesn't
honor or educate us on how to navigate it well. Let's change that.  .

Kara Maureen

Bridal Life Coach