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Let's jump on the phone to see if we are good fit to work together. This is a sacred time in your life and I want you to have the right support. You might be overwhelmed with opinions or feeling really alone. In either case, you need a space where you get to heart of the matter and navigate the challenges that are inherent in this really exciting and magical time. Can't wait to chat! 

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1:1 Bridal Coaching 

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Modern Marriage

Getting married is the most exciting and daunting decisions you can make. And so much emphasis is put on the wedding day, there isn't a lot of intentional preparation for all the days that follow. If you are interested in a modern, practical, research based approach to better relationships, Modern Marriage Prep is for you. We will meet for five sessions to tackle challenges that you are having now and to create a road map for navigating issues in the future. 

Investment: $950

Pre Marital counseling for The spiritual not religious 


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