Have  a  Ceremony
 that  Feels  Like  You

Feeling like you want a meaningful ceremony but the old religious traditions aren't for you? 


I hear you. I grew up in the Catholic faith and always imagined I would be married in the Church. But when the time came, it didn't make sense for me. I didn't feel like my religion represented my priorities and values anymore. And my fianc√© was raised in the Muslim faith but wasn't practicing. So neither of us felt at home in our religions.There was no default plan that would work. 

We did want a meaningful ceremony. And we did want to honor our families and cultures. So we designed a ceremony that brought in the best aspects of the Irish Catholic tradition and Muslim Persian.culture. It was quite a mashup but filled with love and meaning.As a bridal coach and a spiritual seeker, I have a deep reverence for history and tradition and family while at the same time honoring the modern realities and perspectives of so many couples. I believe there is a way to have it all. And have it be uniquely your own. 

Together we will design a Ceremony that pulls in your unique history, your personality as a couple, and your highest vision of your love and life together. 

I know most couples spend the majority of their time and money focused on the reception. And I get it. But don't miss the moment. There is something specifically spectacular about the moment you become a married couple. Whether there are 3 or 300 people there, it's about the atmosphere you create, the words you say, the ancestors you invoke, the promises you make, the love you amplify. It really is a moment you don't want miss out on. It deserves your attention and your intention.  

Let's Get started

This ceremony actually changes your life.
Don't miss the moment. 

First, we will jump on a quick zoom to make sure are a good fit. If it's a go, we will set up an in person meeting where I will get to know you as a couple- how you met, all about your families, your hopes, dreams, and worries about the wedding & marriage. 


Together we will design a custom ceremony that reflects your family heritage, your values, and your vibe. I will help you in selecting readings and rituals to make this moment memorable. 

Ceremony Design

I will help you write your vows. Trust me, it's not as daunting as it seems. I have a foolproof method for getting heartfelt, non cheesy totally balanced vows that will surprise and delight. I will work with you individually to ensure the vows match in tone and time and help you wordsmith and practice. You will never regret reciting your own vows.


How It  Works 

 We all know that getting married is a very different experience for women than men. And that's why I offer extra support to my brides. You will get two bridal coaching sessions along with text/email support. Whether it's a tiff with your mom, mix up with your bridesmaids or a case of bridal blues, I've got you. If you are getting cold feet, or sudden anxiety, or can't decide about changing your name, you won't regret having a professional on call. 

Bridal Coaching 

I care about your ceremony, but that's because I care about your marriage. The wedding industry doesn't focus on marriage prep and I am here to change that. This stuff isn't easy but there is no magic. There is research base, evidence backed ways to do marriage that increase your relationship success.
I promise it's completely useful and not at all cheesy. Plus, because the sessions are private we can hone in on your specific needs/questions. 

 Marriage Prep

I will be at your rehearsal to ensure that everyone understands what to expect and how it will all happen. I will also help you obtain your marriage license and file the paperwork after the Big Day. 

Rehearsal & Paperwork

After our work together, you'll Have...

I'm in! Let's do it!

A ceremony performed by someone who knows you well and wants the very best for your wedding and your marriage

A personalized wedding ceremony that reflects your vibe & your values 
Private, research based marriage prep so you can start and keep your marriage happy and loving 
Your vows written  

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Wedding Officiant


+Once we chat via email or phone- I will send you an invoice. Then you will have my calendar link to schedule our sessions.  

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