"Every Bride Needs and Deserves this Moment."

+ a sense of dread of sadness or anxiety about your wedding day

+ feeling like your friends aren't showing up for you in the way you thought they would

+ avoiding a conversation because you don't want drama or conflict

+ making decisions about your wedding 

+ conflict with your fiancé, family, or friends 

+ overwhelm with in laws, attention, letting people down, or just all of it.... 

if you have been struggling with


this conversation can change everything ... 

The wedding industry works so hard to sell us all the things to make our weddings wonderful and memorable and special. But it forgets the most important key to unlocking all of the joy- our hearts and minds. If we don't know how to manage our racing thoughts and unpack our mixed emotions, then all the flowers and monograms and dresses, can never fix that part. 

The good news- a bridal session can. 

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Safe space to go deep   

Figure out what's really going on 

A plan to solve the problem

Renewed sense of calm and joy

this is about taking a pause to solve a problem 
that will not only help you have a happier wedding but a happier life

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It's so simple. It's one of the best decisions  you will make during this wedding planning process (and I know there are lot). 

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Bridal Sessions are the best gifts! She will never forget the person who gave her the peace, calm and confidence she so needed at this intense time. 

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Know exactly what to say to your bridesmaid who is stressing you out or your mother with too many opinions.

Be able to plainly and lovingly tell your parents what you really want for your wedding day. 
Start making the wedding decisions and stop pinterest procrastinating. 
Unkink the weird vibe that is happening with fiancé now that the wedding is the main topic of convo. 
Figure out what to do about changing your name, cutting your guest list, having a religious ceremony or whatever it is that is keeping you up. 

Ready to get rid of the stress and back to bridal bliss? 

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Getting married is a huge change and our culture doesn't
honor or educate us on how to navigate it well .

Kara Maureen

Bridal Life Coach